About us

Private preschool institution (PPU) "Artic Pinokio" was licensed in 2010, as one of the first private institutions in Montenegro. However, the Pinocchio PPU was founded in 2000, when it is at the very top of quality education and work with preschool children. Recognized for the quality, inherent relationship and trust built with parents, the fondest memories that generations of Pinocchio children carry, PPU "Artic Pinokio" is our home full of love, laughter, hugs and warmth.

The Pinocchio children happily grow up in two educational units in Podgorica, at the Old Airport and at the Delta city shopping center. Since 2016, we posess NTC licenses for both units and teach children with this system that enables the development of cognitive skills through play. Confirmation of quality work and continuous improvement, comes with the highest level of application of NTC learning system. Therefore, we are becoming the NTC Center for Podgorica!

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